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The Museum

Book a visit to the Museum of the Excavation in the Sassi of Matera. The route includes multilingual captions in the points of interest that narrate the history of man through the excavation starting millions of years ago.


The Matera Excavation Museum tells the evolution of man through the excavation of places.

Loved by both Matera and the international public, the Matera Excavation Museum enchants not only for the charm of the rooms, which evoke the eras of the past, from the age in which the first settlements settled in the Sassi to the simplicity of the peasant life of a few decades ago, but also for the variety and richness of the path in which visitors are immersed.

Colors, perfumes, sounds of the past and surfaces unknown to the touch, are the distinctive traits that blend in a magical atmosphere.

  1. The cave
  2. The types of flooring
  3. The fossils
  4. The origin of the tuffs
  5. The wine press
  6. The wine press of stone
  1. The stalactites
  2. The excavated stairs
  3. The winery
  4. The cisterns
  5. The silos
  6. The shop

We strive for perfection every day.

3 excavated rooms

Free guide for each ticket

Full monitoring of each cave and excavation

Matera: over 10.000 years of history!

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Museo dello Scavo
Piazzetta San Biagio, 17/18
Matera - Italy

Telefono:+39 366 1770013
+39 366 7239351